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Free College Personal Statements Examples Are Available Online

As students prepare for applying to their chosen university programs and for important scholarships that could help alleviate the financial burdens associated with further schooling, there are many things to take into account and prepare for. One important part of applying to many institutions and scholarship programs is personal essay submissions – including personal statements to include in the applications submitted.

If the student hasn’t applied to any programs before, they may be unfamiliar with the process of writing personal statements. And while some schools offer assistance to their students as they wade through the application process, many more have cut that important assistance because of reduced classes offered.

So, where does a student start? The most effective tool for learning how to write a personal statement is an example of an effective one. Many are available online – the student just needs to know where to look!

Free College Personal Statements – Where are they?

Though there are many personal statement examples online, they are not all created equal. And it is important to use only those that are sourced and published by a knowledgeable entity.

  • Place of application: The most obvious place to look first is the specific place that is accepting the application. Whether that be an institution or a scholarship awarding company, the entity likely has examples and guideline handouts available online for review. It is important to start here because some organizations will have specific requirements that others do not.
  • Writing Pages: There are many webpages run by writing organizations that offer examples and criteria lists. They can also help with formatting and the planning stages of writing a personal statement – and all for free.
  • Educational Groups: Some colleges also offer department pages that host example statements and essays online. Some also offer e-mail or video chat options for getting specific questions answered. If there is an institution in the area, they are the most likely to help.
  • Library: Local and school libraries often offer classes and groups for writing personal statement essays. They also often have examples available for students looking for additional direction. They are a good place for students to check with if they are unsure where to go – if they can’t help, most libraries will have connections to other outfits and organizations that can.
  • School Counselor: The school counselors at the school the student is currently (or most recently) attending can often help with additional resources.