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How To Write A Law School Application Essay

Many law schools require a personal statement for their application essay. If you’ve never written one of these before, they can be quite tricky. The job market is dismal and good schools are hard to get into. There is lots of competition for good placement in envied programs like law.

Your personal statement should indicate that you are acutely aware of what it will take to be successful in this course and that you are fully willing to put forth all the effort required. The entire essay shouldn’t be just about law or why you’ve always wanted to go to law school. It should be centered more on your personal attributes and characteristics and why they give you an affinity for entering the legal profession.

Myths about your application essay

Myth #1) You should start with something overly dramatic.

No, don’t do that! Lawyers don’t write like that, and you are trying to show why you should be a lawyer. Don’t try to shock the reader; try instead to quickly perk the interest of the reader. Be honest and insightful rather than trying to evoke a sensational emotional reaction. State what matters to you and tell stories that support your statement. Explain how you were drawn into the desire to attend law school.

Myth #2) I am from an upper-middle class family and therefore have nothing to write about.

Don’t think that you have to be disadvantaged or impoverished to have something interesting to write about! Aren’t there things that matter a lot to you? These are the things that are important. If there are mundane things in your life that contribute to your personal story, include them but then make them relevant by explaining how they fit in or how they affected the way you solved problems or handled issues.

Myth #3) my personal statement is great because I have never had anything go right in my life.

Wrong. You don’t have to have a life story about being disadvantaged to make a personal statement sound impressive. Everyone has had trials to overcome and hurdles placed in their way. How did you react to them? Would you do the same thing over again? What did you learn from them? How has it shaped who you are today?

Don’t use these worn-out clichés in your personal statement

  • Firsthand experience
  • Personally
  • Worldview
  • In conclusion
  • Unique

These are just a few ideas of how to write and how to not write your law school application essay.