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Six Steps To Successful Academic Essay Writing

Why does essay writing seem so frustrating? It’s a question that’s been on the minds of many students. The good news is that if you can follow a good essay writing template, the process becomes much simpler. When writing an academic essay, try the 6 steps below:

  1. Research and Analysis – you must research your topic to make yourself an expert on what you’ll be writing about. You can use the library, online academic databases and the internet in general. Remember to validate your sources. Analyze the research you’ve done. Look for strengths and weaknesses in the logic and evidence of other writers on your topic.

  2. Brainstorm – your essay requires original thought, which comes from your own head. It’s also referred to as insight. You can get it by asking yourself questions and answering them. Take a walk and think; sit and think; work and think. Do whatever you need to jumpstart your brain into churning out some original insight.

  3. Thesis – look at all the ideas you got from the research and from your brainstorming. Pick the best one and word it into an assertion that you can write an essay on. The thesis is the main point, should be worded with clarity and give the reader a precise direction on where you’ll be taking them in the essay and why. Without a clear thesis, crafting a great essay is almost impossible.

  4. Form an outline – this is how you lay the foundation for your entire essay. The outline is like the architect’s sketch. It will show you which main ideas go where and why they belong there. It will give you a pattern to follow in writing your essay. It is a structure and helps to ensure all the paragraphs are unified.

  5. Body and conclusion – write the essay according to the outline you’ve made. Make sure you have smooth transition between paragraphs. Write the conclusion as a summary to what is contained in the body. Does the conclusion wrap up all the loose ends and tie everything together?

  6. Introduction – yes it does sound like this one is out of order. In an essay the introduction is the first paragraph, but good writers know it’s best to write it after you’ve written the body and conclusion. Then you can stick it in at the very beginning of the essay where it belongs. Why write it last? Well, because it’s easier; just give it a try!