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List Of Interesting Essay Topics For 100 Years Of Solitude

Most of the times, it is said that good writers are ardent readers. Essentially, there is no way you can be able to produce some good essays if you are not the type of a student who reads extensively. Fundamentally, reading on a number of issues will always help broadened your knowledge and expand your world view or perception of things. Also, through reading, you will always come across different styles of literary composition in which case, as a writer, you will overcome with ease, any writing assignment. If you have read the famous Novel 100 years of solitude, then you probably know it was accepted and rejected on equal measures. The author of the book, Gabriel Garcia who is a respected Colombian delves into how Western people have neglected their Latin American culture. It also looks into hatred and suspicion as other key components bedeviling cultural heritage of the western people. In condemning modern civilization, the author uses sorcery, religion and superstition to explain causes of poverty, gender disparities, and racial segregation and among other issues. So, if you are tasked to produce a composition on this novel, the starting point will always be coming up with the most ideal topic which will auger well with what transpired in the novel. The question is; what are some of the topics that would be admissible? Well, in this article, we take a look at some of them.

  • With solitude being the main issue in the novel, it would be easier to come up with a topic regarding the same with an example being; Discuss the theme of isolation in the Novel “100 years of solitude”

  • Also, because western culture has been exemplified in the book, coming up with a topic based on this is a number good idea to exploit. An example of such a topic would be “Related western influence in the novel 100 years of solitude with contemporary modern world”

  • The book has received widespread accolades the world over. This is a clear demonstration of its usefulness in the world today. On this premise, a topic like-Discuss the relevance of 100 years of solitude to modern society would go for a good write-up

  • When it comes to thematic issues in the book, a topic like-Discuss the theme of Magical realism would not be a bad idea

  • Another good essay topic on the novel would be-Relate incest, solidarity and solitude as discussed in the book to modern societies.