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Nursing Application Essays: How to Surprise The Admissions Committee?

Your application essay is an important part of the admissions process. It helps the school learn more about you, while you provide brief details about why you want to continue your education here. Nursing can be a competitive field for good reasons. This is where a well-written essay comes in. Since so many people are trying to get a spot at the school of your choosing, you need to have good content that will help your application stand out.

Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse?

What is so special about the nursing profession that made you want to go to school for it? You should try to position yourself in the shoes of the school committee. Think about the person who has to make a decision on your acceptance based on what you intend to provide. The committee reviews hundreds of applications and essays. Meaning, it is obvious they will look for certain pieces of information that would tell them they are looking at someone who may be a future graduate.

Did Something Happen in Your Past to Influence Your Decision?

Sometimes sharing something you have learned or been through may be enough to give a spark about you. It helps to think about your past and review significant details about your life. Consider including such details you feel would be of importance for the committee to know about you. Maybe you have academic achievements you made you thought you never could. Or, maybe something happened to you or a loved one that heavily influenced your career goals toward this direction.

What Should the School Know about You?

The application only asks for so much information. The essay is not just a personal introduction, but a chance to mention details about you that make you different from the others. Talk about how and why the school can help you achieve your career goal. Talk about what led to your decision to apply to this school in particular. Think about people who have graduated from the school and who have been fortunate enough to obtain a career they enjoy. That is a good feeling to have and you can imagine the work the student completed in order to achieve their graduate status. What are you willing to do to be a graduate? How would you tell this to the school and why is it important for you to graduate?