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How to create an essay: painting a picture

Where to start when you have a blank canvass

Sometimes, when writing an essay, you may be give pre-determined essay titles. However, there will be times that you have to pick or choose the title yourself. If this is the case, then you may at least have some guidance as to what direction your essay should take, even if it is just having a broad idea of what subject to write about. Without a specific title, it is best to try to use any guidance that you may have, so as to steer you in the right direction when it comes to picking a topic. However, there are things that you can do to help you pick a good topic. Picking the right topic will make it considerably easier to paint a good picture, therefore, it is essential that you take enough time, and put in enough effort at this important stage of the essay writing process. Essentially, by picking a good topic, you can actually make it easier to write useful and relevant work in the long run.

Start off by taking the time to think of as many ideas and concepts to write about as possible. You will then need to whittle these down into what will eventually be the final topic that you will write about. It is possible that you may refine the title slightly, but as long as you have a good idea, then you can use this as the basis of your essay.

Painting the picture you want to paint

Having refined your ideas for topics to write about, be sure to pick something that will provide you with enough content and ideas to create a full essay. If you pick something that lacks the options to make solid arguments, or describe something, then you can find that your essay will be lacking. Consequently, the picture that you paint will be dreary, and lacking in substance.

Equally, if you only have a very limited word count for your essay, and you pick a topic that requires a great deal of in depth analysis or discussion, then you may end up writing an essay that lacks clarity, and ultimately fails to answer thoroughly enough, any questions that you may have posed.

Therefore, pick a topic that is suitable and focus on enough points – not too many, nor too few – so that you can create rich content that addresses the aims of the essay as fully and appropriately as possible.