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The Social Reform And Industrialization Of The Early Antebellum Years

The Early Antebellum Years refers to the time period before the Civil war and after the War of 1812. this period is characterized by beginning of abolition and the slow split of the country between supporters and non-supporters of slavery. Also during this difficult time, the United States economy began changing to more and more manufacturing when the Industrial Revolution began. Meanwhile, in the south, the cotton plantations quickly became the center of the economy.People were realizing the value of cotton for clothing and textiles during this time and slavery became a very profitable business.

Cotton plantations in the south became extremely profitable during this time. Eventually over planting took most of the nutrients from the soil and cotton became harder and harder to cultivate. WHen the sewing machine and loom were invented, around this time period, the demand for cotton grew again in the north and plantation owners had to find new ways of cultivating cotton to meet the demands. They were able to get large pieces of land for very little money, allowing them to grow and produce large crops of cotton again. These large pieces of land needed to have a fairly large number of laborers to help harvest and clean the cotton. Most white farmers owned quite a few slaves during this time period and it wasn’t uncommon for them to own upwards of 40 or more at a time.

After the United States banned bringing in any more slaves from africa, the cost of slaves skyrocketed, making it very profitable for farmers in the east to sell their slaves for a much higher rate than they would have gotten before. Most farmers owned small farms with only a few slaves, but the ones that had many slaves were often given political freedom and treated like royalty.

As the land was used up and the nutrients depleted from the soil, farmers began looking for land in other areas such as: Texas, California and the far Western Territories of the United States, along with the Caribbean and Central America to lay down more roots and start a new life. The Antebellum years were a very difficult time for the United States even though quite a lot of good came out of it. When slaves decided to start standing up for themselves and slavery was abolished throughout the entire country, the United States became united for the first time in history. Moreover, the government was ripe with new laws and changes that would bring about a stronger economic system.