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How to Get Free Sample College Essays

Everyone works better on a project when they have a solid example to work off of. This is true even of geniuses and famous, high-achieving individuals. Rock n’ roll music was built from the blues; abstract painting blossomed out of other movements, like Cubism. It always helps to have a guideline available when you’re working on an important assignment; always nice to have some inspiration to push you along. That’s exactly why sample college essays are so vitally important to higher learning students. It’s not enough to spout writing rules at kids – not enough to make them repeat an assignment over and over. You have to give them a visual example, something tangible, to make the concept stick.

Students that study free sample college essays tend to achieve higher grades than those that don’t. They also tend to possess a more positive attitude towards school as a whole. The question is, though – where can students find real, quality sample essays to benefit their own college writing? Where do they look? How do they find them?

Locating Quality, Free Sample Essays

Contrary to some students’ opinions, locating great sample essays for college writing isn’t very difficult. All one needs is a computer, an internet connection and a few key rules to guide them past scams sites and lower-quality choices. Below is a step-by-step guideline of how students can discover great, free sample college essays.

  1. Search for a credible writing company. The most common place to find sample essays for college writing is at an online essay-writing site. If you don’t want to go this route, you can also search scholarly sources for essays.
  2. Evaluate the company’s quality. If a writing site makes sample essays available to you, then those sample essays better be phenomenal. Take the time to read through these example essays carefully. Any errors or inconsistencies should pop out right away and dissuade you form selecting that sample as a guideline.
  3. Talk to the representatives or writers. If searching through a writing site, there should be an option to contact a help desk. If so, do so! This will be the biggest evidence of a quality (or disappointing) essay service. Are they friendly, informative and helpful? If not, you may want to move on.
  4. Discover the credentials. Whether you’re using a sample essay found at a writing site or from a scholarly source, always check its credentials. Who wrote it, and for what purpose? Did they cite their informational sources? Reviewing such basic information should give you a good idea on whether or not to trust the sample essay provided.