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Foundation Of Western Civilization: The Middle Ages

The Roman Empire is often known for its massive army, luxurious and rich lifestyles and accommodating areas of land. It is often unheard of how diseases, poverty and a great deal of corruption also affected the Roman Empire. The Roman rule lost all power, although Western civilization has been designed around these times. It is the Middle Ages that can be thanked for many of the pleasures of the world today.

The Middle Ages –Important in Western Civilization

Among the times in history that are most important in western civilization is the Middle Ages. The Middle ages were divided into three time periods –Early, High and late middle ages. These time periods all brought significant changes that came through the turmoil. Many voyages, wars and other problems erected, but each offered a new retrospect into the world as we know it today.

  • The Early Middle Ages occurred between 500 – 1000
  • High Middle Ages occurred between 1000 – 1300
  • Late Middle Ages occurred between 1300 -1500

Each of these time periods of the Middle Ages offered different sentiments. After the laet middle ages there were also many significant changes that would occur. While there are many other important periods that affected Western Civilization, it is the Middle Ages that bring many of the things that we are accustomed to today.

Long-Term Effects of Middle Ages and Western Civilization

Thanks to the Middle Ages there have been many accomplishments made in Western Civilization. Some of the many accomplishments that were made in Western Civilization thanks to the Middle Ages include:

  • Spain, England and France were established as countries. Before this time period they were all a part of Europe and not established as their own territory.
  • Bologna and Paris were able to start their first universities
  • Constitutional Government started in Magna Charter during 1215 in England
  • During the High Middle Ages new technology was developed. This enabled a thriving agricultural lifestyle.


There are many eras in history to thank for Western Civilization but it is questionable whether any of those times are more beneficial than the Middle Ages. Each of the time periods during the Middle Ages offered an immaculate set of benefits and advantages to our world. The era help developed countries, developed universities and more. This is a time period in which we have much thanks to give today. It is responsible for so much in Western living and civilization.