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Parents' Divorce And Childhood Neglect

A developing child requires proper care, protection, and regulation for healthy upbringing. In modern psychology starting from the time of Freud till the present time the reason behind many psychological troubles is thought to be one hidden in the childhood upbringing. The kind of nurturance and love a child receives from his parents become the foundation in his future personality. For a child the effect of physical, emotional, and cognitive neglect in his childhood can be devastating as the effects from the neglect can go into adulthood and cause serious psychological troubles in later years . Parents’ divorce or breakup is one of the most common and avoidable cause of child neglect.

Childhood Neglect

If a child doesn’t get the right nurturance, love and care from his parents or somehow feels that his parents haven’t loved him that much, than it affects his life in many ways. It has been the common findings of all the psychologists and counsellors that most of the people suffering from various mental and psychological troubles had the difficult childhood in terms of nurturance and love from both of the parents. Child neglect depends not on how the parent believes they are behaving towards their child rather it is how a child and society perceives the parents’ behaviour. Childhood neglect is a difficult term to define as there are no clear and cultural standards for desirable and appropriate child rearing practices. By the term Childhood neglect we mean here those situations where a child doesn‘t find the necessary love and affection from his parents or caretakers that are needed for the good upbringing of a child.

Influence of Parents’ Divorce

It was found in a study that children whose parents were having disputes between them or divorced, tended to remain more sad and silent instead of being cheerful. Understandably it is only the children who find it quite difficult to carry on with the life after this painful event. Increasing number of divorces between the young couple provides them a feeling of relief but it shouldn’t be overlooked what ill effect it puts on innocent children. Since most of the time both separated parents find new love or marriage, they carry on after some time of difficulties. But children usually don’t find the love of their parents again. According to a report of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Children, Youth, and Families mostly the cause of childhood neglect are the parents themselves. A total of 79.4% times parents themselves are responsible for abuse and neglect of children.

Of course many times divorces can’t be avoided but having said that, it’s the duty of troubled parents to see that their child is entitled to get the same good upbringing that the most other children of intact families do. Children of intact families also get depressed and suffer from many emotional problems but one privilege they have is that they can depend upon their parents. Finally it can be concluded that of course the majority of children from broken families don’t develop serious psychological or emotional problems that can require professional help, bus still as compared to intact families a quite larger number of children from divorced families are likely to develop such serious problems. Above findings clearly suggest that couples going for divorce should take extreme care of their children as they are more vulnerable than their parents as they are also least equipped to face these troubles.