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Crafting A Personal Essay Topic: 7 Original Ideas

When you are going to write a personal essay you want to write something about you that means something but this can be hard sometimes because picking the right topic can be difficult.  When you are picking your topic keep in mind that you will be sharing a part of you with the reader of your essay.  You get to decide what side you want to show them, whether good or bad.  Here are some ideas for topics you can do your personal essay on.

7 Original Ideas

  • You could use a picture to write you essay on.  Pictures are usually taken during happy times and use this visual in you essay will be fun.  You can write about what happened that day, we use picture to remember things that we don’t want to forget and you can use it to write your essay.

  • You could do an essay on something that terrified you when you were young.  Most childhood fears seem to be silly now but back then their scared the crap out of you.  You can use this to write an essay about that fear.
  • You could pick one of your grandparents and write about them and their accomplishments in their life but also make sure you tell the reader why you choose this person to write about.

  • You can write about something in your past that you wish you could change.  This kind of essay can go many ways like you could predict what could have happen if you made a different choose or why you are glad that it happen.

  • Have you ever done something wrong and what lessons did you learn from that experience?  This kind of easy gives the reader a lesson and learns something about you that you might not be too proud of.

  • Is there something that you wanted to bad but after you got it, it didn’t really make you feel better?  This kind of essay has a list of possibilities that you can use to write this one.  It can be a present or a job basically anything you really wanted and wasn’t happy with after you got it.

  • This one is a classic but I think it is a good one.   You could do an essay on someone that inspires or influences you.  We all need someone to look up to and have good role models is vital in adolescents.  So pick the one person you look up to and write about how they influence you everyday.  But choose someone besides your parents, yes they are awesome but be original.