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Things that could help you write an abstract for a research paper

An abstract lets the reader know what your paper is about. So a well written abstract is an important part of your paper. Knowing how to write an abstract is equally important, and what type to write for your paper. The type that is wanted will usually be in your outline from who gives you the assignment.

  • Make sure you know what type to write
  • Make your points addressed properly
  • Show your key findings
  • Summarize the paper and the conclusion you developed
  • Go over your abstract to make sure it is right

Make sure you know what type to write

When reading the synopsis for the paper, make sure to note what type of abstract is wanted. An Informative Abstract will iterate the points of the paper. It covers what the paper is about and what you are going to say.

A Descriptive Abstract will give a brief description of the paper showing what you are going to cover.

Make your points addressed properly

Especially in an informative abstract, covering your points in detail is very important. In a descriptive abstract just a strong mention of them is good enough. Either way the reader should know what is coming. The informative is more detailed, but the descriptive needs to have a base idea.

Show your key findings

Showing you main findings is important in both abstracts. In the informative this has to be more detailed, and with at least one reference. In the descriptive it needs presented so the reader knows it will be covered. But both need them in one way or another.

Summarize the paper and the conclusion you developed

Both have to summarize the paper. The informative needs to cove this more so, but even the descriptive has to cover the paper. It is not an option, it is done in accordance to the type of abstract. But both need to show what to expect when the reader goes to read it. This might be important if they are looking for a particular piece of information.

Go over your abstract to make sure it is right

Just like with every essay and section, this needs a go over. When you finish your abstract no matter which type, reread it and make sure it is right. Make sure that for that type of abstract everything is covered correctly. Being that the informative abstract is more detailed, this needs gone over thoroughly. Look to see that all the points are covered correctly; your conclusion has a good showing and reference, your points are well-defined, and your sections have a good representation, including the method used.