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Is it possible to buy college essays for cheap?

There are several companies and websites that specialise in writing college essays, for a ‘small fee‘.

However, further investigations reveals their interpretation of cheap may not what a college student regards as cheap. Generally, students are not the most wealthy section of the community, but they are vulnerable as they want to complete their work and get the best possible grade.

One web site offers:

  • A free outline.
  • Free amendments.
  • Free title page.
  • Free e-mail delivery. (Seriously!)
  • Free formatting.
  • And all these free ‘extras’, save you $65, before you have even paid for your essay. For many people those extras should be part of the deal not add-ons.

The prices per page (275 words) range between $19.99 and $24.99 per page. So an essay of around 1500 words could cost between $126 and $157 with a turn around of 10 days. But if you needed that essay within 12 hours would set you back around $283. If a UK writer is needed that costs extra.

On a UK site the quote for a 6 page (275 words a page) essay, with a 10 day deadline was £49.50, a 12 hours deadline would cost £115.50 for the same essay. Other web sites say they are cheap, but they do not give an outline for costs, you have to register with them prior to being given a quote. They quote $10 a page , but there are a lot a add-ons, such as, use of references and the work being proof read prior to the customer receiving the essay. It would be hoped that the work would be proof read without actually having to pay extra for it.

Basically, the sooner you want your essay the more you will get charged for it. Typically, a student will be considering a writing service a few days prior to the deadline.

Note of caution

  • An experienced tutor can tell if you have written your own essay. They have marked your work before and can, pick up on different tones and language used.
  • Will the piece of work you have paid for. be able to acknowledge your remit and all the concepts covered on your course? Not all syllabus are the same as different colleges may use different examining boards.
  • How will you cope if your work or your course demands a ‘viva voce’?