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How to Come Up with Interesting Topics for a Cause and Effect Essay

Would you like a sure strategy on how to come up with your own cause and effect topics? Here are five great ways—that you won’t find anywhere else—to come up with interesting topics which will be interesting to read.

Focus on the effect first

If you can find an effect, you can discuss a cause. Effects come in many forms so you need to develop the ability to see them everywhere. A disastrous event such as a sinking ship, car accident, or even a bar fight; can spur you on to write about how those things occurred. Even something as simple as a failed exam can be used as material for your essay.

What concerns you?

Think of something that is fairly close to home for you. Sharing a piece of yourself in your cause and effect essay will make for compelling material and also take much of the think work out of your assignment. If you are worried about the HIV epidemic because a family member has contracted the disease, then investigating the cause of the illness can be a stirring experience for you which will spill over into your writing.

Utilizing your other subjects

There’s undeniably an aspect to every subject that can be successfully connected with another. Use your other subjects to find useful angles on the one that requires a cause and effect essay. There’s no reason not to take a historic view on a biological topic; or looking at a business topic from a social studies angle.

Do some legwork

Sitting at your desk browsing material for your assignment may seem easier, but that’s probably what most of your classmates will be doing. Those who do extra well at their writing assignments carry out a lot of in-depth research that involves reading, interviewing, and tedious searching. If you have a general idea of what your topic is about, consider starting the research early. This can lead you to your topic by the time half the work is already done.

Staring at pictures

Pictures paint a thousand words, but why not provide you with ideas for topics? Look and study a few relevant pictures to your subject and it won’t be long before some topic ideas start jumping into your head. Something as simple as a background clock or the way someone is dressed can spark some thought provoking cause and effect essay topics.