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A List Of Brilliant Essay Topics For High School To Write About

In high school you can truly start to get involved in writing at a professional level. Your attempts throughout middle school and elementary school were admirable but this is where your scholastic journey may be said to have really begun. You will need to bear these things in mind as you seek out the right topics to put your mind to:

  • What have you learned recently?
  • The topics that are fresh in your mind will be the easiest for you to dig into and find out new things about. This can cut your research time down significantly.

  • What has been trending in the news and on social media?
  • Excluding the latest in celebrity gossip, there must have been a few things that stood out to you. Perhaps a new technology about to be released or a new study hat proves something interesting.

  • What will get you expelled?
  • Different schools have different rules. If your school is very strict about certain topics, it is better not to write about them for marks. You could end up in trouble, or if you were offensive enough, you could get kicked out. This depends on its regulations so you may get away with something that a friend somewhere else would get the harshest of punishments for.

With all of that in mind, you can look through the following set of interesting topics for inspiration:

  • Can teenage pregnancy be reduced by exposing teenagers to a strict abstinence only program?
  • Is Creationism a scientifically viable alternative to Darwin’s theory of Evolution?
  • Should teens be allowed to make their own choices regarding meal variety, sugary drinks and trans fats?
  • Is it better to follow your dreams into uncertainty or to be responsible in an uninspiring career?
  • Should schools petition to have cheer-leading declared an official sport and regulated accordingly?
  • Are water sports too dangerous for children to participate in?
  • Composting Toilets: Disgusting or the future of solid waste management?
  • Are degrees necessary?
  • Bullying: The last accepted form of torture for children
  • Body acceptance: ending the centuries long war on body odor
  • Should teens devote some of their summer vacation to living without smart technology?
  • Should the draft or some other form of mandatory military service be re-implemented?
  • Can isochronic tones and binaural beats be used effectively for classroom management?

No topic is perfect in its own but with a little ingenuity you can make any one of these your own.