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High School Paper Sample - Egypt’s Current Political Status

Middle East’s uprising series arose in a swift in the end of 2010 and turned over thrones of three, solid dictators who have ruled their countries for more than three decades. People of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya sacrificed everything they could, to get rid of their so-called leaders, who were ruling them out in every aspect. The most devastating end of civil uprising took place in Libya; where Colonel Qazafi, along with many of his family members was mercilessly killed. President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt was forced in prison where he was put under trial and sentenced to life imprisonment. Syria is still going on with its civilian war in which thousands have sacrificed their lives. The situation is going worse day by day but President Asad is not willing to surrender. The world is highly concerned over the lost of innocent lives in Syria, suggesting president Asad to withdraw from his position as his policies are no more popular amongst his people.

Considering Egypt’s current political circumstances, it cannot be estimated how much time the situation will take to bring peace in the country. Although it was assumed that the formation of new government will bring positive changes to the country, people are still unsatisfied and demanding reformations. In June 2012, Mohammad Morsi was elected as new president of Egypt. Initially, he was considered as a saver and a reformer for the country and was thought to be a good Muslim leader as far as Egypt’s history and demographics are concerned. However, the situation changed dramatically in November 2012, when Morsi declared that he is immune from any legal act and has unlimited powers over the courts. According to him, this act was necessary as the judiciary is biased against him and may suspend the assemblies before new constitution of country takes its shape.

Since then, protests are being made all over the country against this dictatorial step taken by Morsi. Clashes have been reported between the pro and against government protestors, and the situation is widely upset in the country. Protestors demanded that Morsi must nullify all such commands, which he did on December 8, 2012, but continues to shape and present a new constitution and to hold a referendum upon it on December 15. Although, the referendum has been turned out in favor of new constitution, the situation is still unstable, as many of Morsi’s close advisors; including Vice-President Mahmoud Mekki resigned from their positions.Morsi, although, presented himself as a tolerate ruler, regarding the clashes as healthy signs of democracy. However, many communities and the opposition parties of the country are still against his proposed constitution, regarding it as depthless and one-sided. But Morsi is still going on with his powers and constitution, neglecting thousands of protestors who gather daily in Tehrir Square and protest against the constitution. The situation could be very dangerous for Morsi too, as was for Mubarak, and the world is also concerned as if the situation could become worse, which means, more sacrifice and more innocent blood on the cost of freedom and prosperity of their country.