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Using Essay Samples Can Get You a Better Grade

Essays tend to anger a lot of students. These lengthy, mind-numbing assignments are no easy task, and students get up in arms about writing them. Observing someone conquering and excelling at these writing tasks is even worse. Why is it that some students are absolutely flawless writers – while the majority struggle with basic composition? Why is it that only a few students seem to grasp the complexity and fullness of essay writing? What is their secret, and how can the rest of us get in on it?

While it’s true that some students are just innately more swayed towards writing skills, there are some key tricks that can improve even the worst writer’s essay grades. This includes practice, using the appropriate writing development steps and using essay examples. Research made by EssayCamp website has actually shown that students who choose to study and read essay samples, prior to writing essays themselves, do better on writing assignments than those who don’t. Why is this? Why is viewing essay samples so essential to earning a high grade?

What Kids Learn from Essay Samples

Exposure to quality essay samples helps kids achieve better grades because it shows them the standard their writing it held to. Viewing and reading these sample documents gives students a better understanding of even the most basic skills, such as correct English grammar, spelling and punctuation. Besides this, they can glean organizational skills. They can examine how writers keep one idea to a paragraph, and use sentence transitions to flow easily from one point to the next. They can even pick up on even subtler tricks, such as implanting quotations, stories or questions in the essay in order to keep the reader’s interest. All of these things can be observed easily, and students can model their own essays after these samples.

Think of it this way. In elementary school, students are often encouraged to write a piece in the same style as a favorite author. Kids may compose a silly Cat-in-the-Hat type poem or Skippyjon Jones story. An essay sample works the same way. Students don’t copy the content that’s there, but they emulate the style, tricks and formatting that the writer used so successfully. By doing this, students are actually learning good writing habits. They begin to understand that essays must be entertaining, as well as informative; that major points must be clearly stated and adequately supported, and that all writing should refer back to the original purpose of the essay. It’s easy to see that the use of sample essays has an amazingly beneficial impact on students of all ages!