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Biography Of William Blake

William Blake was an extremely artistic man through out his whole life. He wrote descriptive poetry, he created art, and in many respects he was considered to be a visionary of his time. While he has become extremely influential since his passing in 1827, it is widely understood that he was not very popular during his life. This poet, and artist, was born in London, England in the year 1757. He began creating descriptive writing pieces as early as the 1760’s when he was still a very young child. While he did attend an academic institution for a very short time as a kid, his mother taught the majority of his education to him at home. While there were influences of nature on his writing, there was also a huge influence from the Bible.

Early in his life, William Blake believed that he experienced visions of religious figures. He claimed to have seen God’s face, and the prophet Ezekiel. These visions would prove to play a huge role in the types of writing that William Blake would produce through out his entire life. Elizabethan writing heavily influences William Blake’s writing as well. It was because of the impact that writers like William Shakespeare and his poetry and prose that inspired Blake to not fall in line with the trends in literary creation. Instead he wrote literature in a more traditional manner. Later in life, Blake worked as an apprentice and a writer for a publishing company. In the following years he would get married to Catherine Sophia Boucher and he taught her how to read. They were married for 45 years until the day that he died. They are documented as sharing a very passionate and loving relationship. William Blake remained a very artistic man through out his entire life, and was contracted to write for the publishing company, as well as paint images for various clients.

Through out his entire existence William Blake struggled to be appreciated as a revolutionary writer and artist. It was not until late in his life that people began to recognize his talent and ability in the artistic realm. William Blake died in 1827 after a long life of love, literature, and exploration. He is now widely considered to be one of the more influential artists and poets of the late 1700’s and early 1800’s whose work has withstood the test of time and is still studied in schools today.