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A Thesis Statement For An Essay Has Two Parts

In order to create a dynamic thesis statement one must master the skill of creating a strongly worded thesis that includes the two most important elements of your essay. Most scholars would insist that an essay needs to be written in two parts, 1.) States Your Topic/Subject and 2.) States Your Opinions (that can be supported with research evidence)

If you wish to compose a great thesis you need to include these two components in a way that flows naturally within the composition and can easily be revisited throughout the paper. For a college essay or undergraduate composition you'll need to think critically about how you word your thesis statement because it could make or break your entire essay. Many instructors grade the thesis statement specifically, so pay special attention to your thesis and be sure to use strong language in order to articulate your points.

Suggestions For Writing A Better Two Part Thesis Statement

  1. Does your thesis statement take a stand?

    When writing your thesis statement you should try to develop a structured statement that states an opinion or makes a claim that is interesting or controversial in one way or another. Don't waste your breath making redundant statements or stating the obvious, it is important to explore a NEW idea in your thesis.

  2. Does your thesis argue one clear idea and demonstrate its importance?

    Your thesis statement should clearly defend an idea or concept that is important. When you write your thesis statement try to use language that is not passive and clarifies the "significance" of the subject matter.

  3. Is your thesis statement optimized with proper grammar and sentence structure?

    Your thesis statement is the most important few sentences in the entire composition for this reason you want to use strong language and articulate your ideas wisely. Don't skimp on the fancy wording when dealing with your thesis statement, try to include strong necessary adjectives that help to express your points.

  4. If your thesis statement very specific?

    In your thesis statement you do not want to be broad or wishy-washy. Instead, try your best to be specific. Choose each word that you use wisely and carefully compose your statement so that it is easy understand, clearly explained, and mature. Remember that the purpose of a thesis statement is to make a "claim" about a certain topic or idea, don't forget to state your purpose for writing and what you wish to accomplish with your work.