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Creative Writing Tips: How to Conclude Your Essay

The easiest part of writing an essay is generally the introduction. This is because you already have what you need in front of you. If you had an outline you can easily add in your thesis, main points, and integrate a tad bit of fluff to get your paper started off right. One of the toughest parts of writing can easily be the conclusion. While all the information is provided for you, if your paper is long it can be tough to retain everything written to come up with a good conclusion. For all people who need help writing their conclusions this article is for you.

Every paper needs to finish with a bang, and this goes for yours as well. To start your conclusion off right you need to start with a simple transition sentence or phrase. Phrases such as in conclusion, or finally, work for this. Such phases prepare the reader for the ending. After you have addressed the transitions you need to transition into your main points. You do not have to sum up every point you made in your paper, however you should note the most important ones. This is important to do in that restating these main points will reinforce the argument you were trying to make and remain the reader of your stance on a particular issue.

When writing your conclusion you should always be sure to keep it short and to the point. Do not draw out main points as if you would in the body of your paper. Another important factor in the conclusion is the addition of your thesis into the paragraph. If you want the paper to read well you should also maintain an authoritative voice throughout. Such a voice will convey confidence to the reader and they will believe what you are saying. When ending the conclusion think provocatively. End it with a bit of irony, or make an emotional appeal to the target audience.

While there are a lot of things you should do when writing your conclusion, there are also a lot of don'ts. One thing that you should avoid is the use of flier words, or fluff, in your conclusion. Such language takes away from your paper, and waters down the point you are trying to convey to your audience. You should also avoid adding in new information that was not touched on in your body paragraphs. Doing so will confuse the reader.