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Distance Education in Dental Hygiene

Technology has increased over the past several years. Nowadays the traditional college classroom is being replaced with a computer. The choice to attend online college is one being made available in more and more classrooms, subjects and colleges across the world. Many people are finding distance education to help them get their degrees. Although not all subjects qualify for distance education, dental hygiene is among those that do qualify and that thousands of people are utilizing every single day.

Benefits of Distance Education

Those who cannot travel to the physical location of a college now have the chance to go to school and further their education

  • Students are given more options in the schools they can attend.
  • All that is needed is a computer
  • Tuition costs to attend online distance education for dental hygiene are considerably lower than the costs of attending a physical college location.
  • Parents do not have to worry about babysitters, daycares, etc.
  • Saves on the cost of fuel
  • Can attend dental hygiene training day or night, making it possible to maintain other commitments, such as a job
  • Graduation is usually less time than what is offered through a physical location.

The Disadvantages

  • Quality one on one time with the instructor is lacked
  • There is no chance to interact with students
  • No ability to participate in school functions, i.e. music and sports, theatrical performances
  • If the right amount of attention is not given to the homework assignments and tests it is possible for someone without the adequate training to graduate and earn a diploma
  • Students must wait for answers to their questions, especially when doing their homework later in the day when typical school hours are over
  • Must be dedicated otherwise it is easy to become distracted
  • Some employers look negatively at students who have earned distant education degrees and finding a job after graduation may pose more difficulty.


Both disadvantages and advantages are associated with dental hygiene distance education courses. There are many things that can help a student earn their degree and many things that can deter them as well. While technology is amazing, the things that it offers are not right for everyone. Before making a decision to attend a distance education course it is important that the pros and the cons be evaluated. Some will find it better while others will still appreciate what an on campus learning opportunity can offer to them.