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Dissertation Editing Services Can Be Deceiving

If you are working on a dissertation, then you are at a critical milestone of your life. You are working hard night and day to complete a work that will help to define all of the countless hours and night spent awake toiling through information, data, literary works, and editing your own words. When you are at the point that you need another professional to take a look, and you do not have many choices, some people turn to dissertation editing services. Dissertation editing services claim to help during these complicated times to get a paper up to the level of professionalism that it needs to be in for success. There are some challenges with using a third party editing service that is not associated with your institution of study. Some of the greatest problems that have been reported with using a third party editing service include:

  • Potentially poor writing quality- especially if the service hires people who have English as their second language.
  • Weak, inaccurate, insufficient, or improper sources for information added to your paper.
  • If the company is overseas, then there will be disconnect with the time zone that can be very inconvenient when it is crunch time.
  • Lost translation of idioms and creative phrases.
  • Cheap rates initially may dictate add on charges for a myriad of proofreading, editing, and rewriting services on the back end.

There are other dangers associated with working with a third party company that claims to provide dissertation editing services; however, these are among the most commonly reported.

If you are working on your dissertation, then this is potentially the most important milestone of your academic life to date. Therefore, it is imperative that you work with an editing service that is reputable, reliable, and trustworthy. This is not the time to trust your life’s work with a company that you know nothing about. Do your research and interview with a couple of companies. Ask for real references of work that the company has completed in the past. Furthermore, actually call out to the references and check how the customer experience was. If the person did not have a god experience, then chances are that you will not either. Be very careful when choosing source to edit your dissertation because dissertation editing services can be deceiving and make unfounded claims that they simply do not have the ability to back up.