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Depression in Youth


Depression is such a medical state which initially causes disturbance in the mood of an individual: such disturbance in mood is most of the time characterized by simply showing sad mood, becoming hopeless and feeling discouraged or simply feeling depressed. This teen age depression is normally known as Adolescent depression in medical terminology. This paper is focused towards the investigation of depression in youth. The risk for depression in teen females is developed twice as that in men which depicts that female teens are under twice risk as compare to men for the occurrence of depression. It further provided a fact that neglected and abused teens are at greater risk of falling in depression as compare to normal teens.

There can be different reasons for the occurrence of depression in teens. One of the reasons for depression in youth is due to prevalence of substance abuse or mental problems in house like separation of parents, divorce of parents and death of parents. There are different symptoms of depression which can be observed and tested in order to identify whether the individual is suffering from depression. The symptoms of depression in teen agers are different than the symptoms in adults. This change in symptoms is mainly due to change in developmental and social challenges which the teens are required to face in modern days.

There are different ways which can be used in order to spot depression in teen agers like decrease in energy, less interest in activities which the teen used to found pleasurable once, having difficulty in concentration and many more. Different studies have been conducted in past in order to investigate the association of depression with different outcomes. The literature related to this topic provides evidence for the fact that depression is normally considered to be associated with high level of stress among teens, anxiety existing among teens and in worst case, suicide.


The studies therefore provide us with the evidence that depression in teen agers can result in severe problems. It is therefore recommended that parents should realize their responsibility and should try to create a conducive and positive environment at home so that the children could have better mental growth. This would certainly reduce the risk of youth against depression. As the risk of depression in youth will be reduced, so the number of suicides in teen agers will also be reduced.