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Bad Branding in Social Media

Social Media is one of considerable tools that are available to brands for now days for developing public relations and marketing purposes. Marketing of companies is in the hands of customers themselves. People tell their friends and families to like page of the company resulting in the formation of good public relations for the company. Social-media no doubt can act as a catalyst in marketing campaigns but like any other technological developments it can be used for both good and bad purposes. This essay represents merits and demerits of using social media as a marketing tool. Social-media and relationship public sector organizations and online business are also discussed.

It provides an unaccountable platform for people to share their views and thus can result in creating a bad reputation of the company general public. With the power of social media one can excel business and also can destroy it. While there are many companies including websites hiring people as brand ambassadors there are many people which are hired by business rivals to create negative impact of company.

Public sector companies and foreign relations of a government face major threat from social-media marketing. There are clear examples present like a wave of democracy which swept prolong governments of countries like Egypt and Libya were helped from websites like and In times of chaos social-media served as fuel on fire in the mentioned countries.

A rapid increase in websites all over the internet and ever increasing competition between on-line companies is resulting in the need of marketing for such companies. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are the methods adopted by these companies. The purpose of entire SEO and SEM is to optimize search results of search engines towards their web page. Social-media plays as an important marketing tool for on-line companies and there are is a considerable amount of organic traffic generated using these methods. On the other hand illegal or spam traffic destroyed many online companies as they were banned by search engines.

There are merits and de-merits of every technological development. Rules and regulations are required to be applied in social-media marketing in order to stop bad branding done on it. It is amazing to know that despite a large numbers of advantages this type of marketing; companies like Apple Inc and Disney do not have even a single page on such sites. Nevertheless today social-mediaare considered as an important part of any marketing campaign with ever increasing consumer on it. It is the need of the hour to develop and make people aware of internet ethics if fruitful results of social-media are required.