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Custom Essay Writing: How Not To Get Scammed By Your Provider

Getting scammed in an academic setting can be especially difficult to bear. If your academic content company knows you well, you may even have been targeted for this particular con because you were expected to be embarrassed to admit you bought an essay. Here are some methods you can use to prevent yourself from being victimized:

  • Have a means of contacting the company in person
  • Being online means no one can see your face if you hide behind a company logo. If the company you are thinking about working with is this anonymous, you may have very little means of recourse if they scam you. This may be deliberate on your part. Try to only use providers that have street addresses you can track down and show up at.

  • Do not try to submit the work you receive as your own
  • If you receive a paper from a company that they did not actually complete, you lose out very little if you are merely using the piece for reference purposes. The problem becomes much worse if you attempt to hand the paper in under your name and your teacher/professor runs it through plagiarism checking software.

  • Get to know the company before you hand over any money
  • If you can, spend a few weeks interacting with staff of a company you want to make purchases from before you even consider explaining your needs to them. This gives you more chances to spot their inconsistencies and learn the things they may not say upfront.

  • Use only the highest rated freelancers
  • The content companies are not the only providers in the industry. Individual freelancers can be sought out and they will give you good rates for your assignment. Only pick the ones with solid reputations or you may receive terrible work.

  • Consider doing the writing for yourself
  • The risk of being scammed by an academic content creation company evaporates once you complete your own essays and papers. This only seems difficult the first few times you do it but after a while you reach a level of expertise that makes you more appreciative of the effort you put in. If this seems too difficult, you can also buy assistance rather than an entire paper. This will make it harder to scam you outright.

There are many ways to protect yourself from bad service, you will find them as you work through assignments.