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Academic Writing Example - Flopping in Basketball

In Basketball, if a player falls to the ground due to physical contact with the player of a rival team, opponent team will bear a charge of foul. Falling intention is known as flopping in basketball. It is actually done to deceive the empire or official of the game. Flopping is against the true spirit of sportsmanship. It is unfair and uncompetitive act against the other party. It is against the rule of the game. Flopping is often practiced by many players and it is even done by professional players on the basketball.

Flopping is very difficult because it needs much practice. This involves physical practice as well as sharp tactics. Sometimes, in spite of charging the opponent player a foul, it helps them to make a score. So, flopping is an art that needs perfection.

As flopping is unfair, NBA added some rules to stop this act. In 1997, National Basketball Association declared to draw a 4-foot dotted line near the basket. The NBA announced some rules to avoid the act of flopping in basketball. In November 2012, Reggie Evans paid $5000 fine on flopping. This is now a rule made against unfair players accused of flopping in basketball.The empire will warn players on first attempt of flopping. On second violation, the player will have to pay $5000. If he continues to flop, he will pay $10,000. On fourth offensive action, $15,000 and in fifth $30,000 fine would be taken by a player. Sixth attempt will lead to the dismissal of the player.

Rule on flopping has decreased the attempts of flopping. Players should realize that fair struggle leads to success.Players should avoid unfair tactics in the game because it is against the true spirit of sportsmanship. To be a winner is not that important, rather winning with true and moral sportsmanship spirit is more important.