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How to Write Essay for College Application: Your Topic Should Be Original

The best topic for a college application essay is an original topic. Sometimes the things that you thing =k should be the best topics just are not the case. In an ideal world we would think that the best option would be to write about the things that you have completed the things that you have accomplished, the goals that you have achieved. All those topics are very admirable especially when you think of the journey that some people have to go through to achieve their goals. But apparently the very best topics come from a different source.


  • This is a great way to start any writing process. You may remember when you were very young that your teacher would suggest that you ‘brainstorm’ an idea to find out all you could about a particular subject. This was a really good way to encourage youngsters to write and to write well. No matter what your age it is always daunting to be faced with a blank sheet of paper or a blank screen, it’s amazing how your mind also goes blank at that point.
  • Do you also remember after ‘Brainstorming’, you then thought, ‘well, I did not realize that this was quite so interesting or that I knew that much about ….’.
  • Well, writing your essay is going to be like that.


  • They can be more obvious than you think. They may be thinks that you would never imagine that you would choose to be your topic.
  • Think back in your life to when something interesting happened. It may not be something that would have made the evening news, but at the time it was news worthy for you. An example would be that as a young child, my four cousins and I use to play in the river. We wore boots but my one cousin always went home with wet feet. My Aunt and Uncle could not understand why she got so wet because her boots did not have a leek, but the truth of it was her feet always got wet because she went deep into the river and the water got into her boots that way. Problem solved and it makes for a good story with a play on words. The story can be ‘spun’.
  • Try making lists about your interests. Anything unusual? Anything that you would like to write about? What about jobs? Have you done anything unusual as a part time job? Has anything unusual happened when you were working? Once you start thinking it is surprising what you will come up with. And the most important thing is that your essay topic will be absolutely unique. Because you are unique so share it.

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