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There are two types of drugs that are recognized by society. There are illegal drugs, and there are prescription drugs. While they are segmented in to two very specific categories, there is some over lap in the understanding and use of these various types of drugs. There is the potential to use prescription drugs in an illegal manner, and there are also ways to use illegal drugs to achieve the results of prescription medication. Even though there are different descriptions for the various types of drugs, the use of them can become blurred, and it is only going to become more difficult to categorize them as the rules and guidelines of drug use evolve and change.

There was a time where marijuana was considered to be illegal no matter what the intended use was. Now marijuana can be utilized as a treatment for various medical needs. Furthermore, there used to be a regulation that people could only use this drug under the monitored presence of a healthcare professional. Now, patients have a “card to carry” and they can go to local stores and purchase various strains of marijuana to treat his or her condition in the comfort of his or her own home. This has worked toward blurring the line between illegal and legal use of drugs. It is not only the blurred line on illegal drugs that is contributing to the confusion. There are people who abuse legal prescription drugs as well. The abuse of prescription drugs is an illegal activity as well. Some people do not realize that even though you are prescribed a medication, it is still illegal to perform certain actions while under the influence of the drug. Furthermore, it is illegal to sell prescription medication that has been given to you for the specific treatment of a condition.

There is a great blurred line between the use and abuse of legal and illegal drugs in the world. While the drugs are categorized in to unique identifications, the lines are becoming increasingly blurred between the acceptable and illegal use of the drugs. While there are illegal drugs, there are legal ways to use them for medical treatment of various conditions. Furthermore, there is illegal activity that can happen with prescription drugs as well. Overall, the implementation of stricter rules will only serve to blur the lines further because the reality of the matter is that there is always going to be a medical need for some drugs to be prescribed and distributed to the public.