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Attending academic writing course - Advantages and Disadvantages

Writing skills are a key factor in all student´s life. They are even more important in your future career. Regardless of whether you want to become a dentist, doctor or English literature teacher, communicating through the written word aids in all professions. If they are enhanced and developed at an early age then as you get older they do not seem as daunting and difficult to produce reports and apply research. With everything in life, there are some advantages which can be gained from attending an academic writing course. Also, there are some disadvantages to taking academic writing courses in college. This article will discuss and show both sides of the coin.


Students who take up the English writing classes have the distant advantage of being accepted to a college and given the opportunity to expand their writing skills. This is a great step up the ladder in any student’s college application.

Student´s that struggle with writing essays and reports without support will gain a valuable lesson from attending such a course. If they lack the basic writing skills which include poor spelling, grammar and punctuation, then an academic writing skills course will be useful. They can apply the basic skills and use them throughout their academic life. They will embrace the experience of going on a course to enhance what they feel is a daunting experience when it comes to writing an essay. After the course, they will find writing an academic paper easy after practicing what they were taught on the course.


The expensive academic writing courses, at times can be up to thousands of dollars. According to a Strong American School´s report, the course can be mostly ineffective according to recent studies. The problem with writing is it is a craft which has to be studied and applied through a student’s life. One course cannot guarantee that a student will apply the knowledge and adapt it to each piece of academic writing that they submit throughout their academic life, which is why at times it is deemed to be ineffective.

I have listed the key factors to think about prior to signing up to any course offered with reference to academic writing. The decision of whether to join the class is yours and as listed above depends on your own personal circumstance and goals.