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Article Review

Freight Transportation Planning for Urban Areas

The article by Arun Chatterjee commences by informing the reader that freight transportation planning within urban areas has been ignored in the past. However, with recent events becoming known, the Federal Highway Administration has been in the forefront to make substantial developments. Federal Highway Administration, abbreviated as FHWA, has put up a fight in establishing freight planning for urban areas. Arun continues to make it known that freight planning in urban areas has various approaches. The key approaches follow to make crucial developments in the economy involved based on the business logistics provided. The other major approach applied in the freight sector is attending to the infrastructures that aid in establishing an efficient freight movement. This approach incorporates engineering to the extent of offering physical aid in establishing efficient freight movement. The author of the article is keen to point out that the two approaches work best when combined in the development of the freight movement. This is because the economic bit stands out as a means of improving regional levels while the engineering sector makes substantial changes at all levels. Thus, a blend of the two approaches results to a very efficient mode of developing the freight sector at all levels.

Arun continues to share that it is vital for one to understand the freight movements in existence within the urban areas. In turn, this is useful in making important decisions while establishing the strategies to utilize whilst making plans of improving the freight movement sector. The author starts by expounding on one of the major freight movements undertaken in the urban areas, external-internal movements. These movements involve a steady freight within cities. Additionally, they are also inclusive of international trade and display national importance. Subsequently, they increase the economic value of an area. In terms of their movements, they involve using trucks, pipelines, air and rail. The author of the article also notifies one of the benefits of involving various agencies in the development of the freight movement. These agencies include the chamber of commerce or airport authorities to oversee the flow of the freight movement.

Through movements are the other types of freight movement experienced within urban areas. In this movement, the involved ends, source and destination, are not located within the affected urban areas. However, the transit involves passing via the urban areas. On the other hand, as much as this freight movement may seem harmless to an urban areas, it does have various demerits. For instance, heavy trucks may cause fright to local residence driving on highways. Additionally, trains passing through urban areas may end up causing delays while people are crossing the railway lines. Internal movements form the final category of freight transfers within urban areas. This occurs within the confines of the city and with many freight movements functioning by picking up goods and delivering them to designated points. The author takes the liberty of informing the reader that internal freight movements are planned for under planning and engineering approaches utilized by MPOs, counties and cities.

The article takes on an informative approach as it shares in details the MPOs plans. This gives the details of the approach as the author discusses the long and short-term plans in the urban areas. He further provides crucial details such as land use in making the appropriate plans in establishing a working approach. In the final bit of the article, the author touches on the problems planners may face amidst the opportunities that may present themselves in the process. It is vivid that making plans for the appropriate movement of freight within urban areas may present setbacks and opportunities. Nonetheless, the important thing about making plans within the freight movements is acquainting oneself with the problems facing a region.