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Helpful Tricks for Students: Accessible Sources Where You Can Get a Free Essay

There are several different options available for students who want to get a free essay. From online options to the library, students can find an essay that is in the exact subject area that they need. Although many of these options are free, several of them may require a small fee.

Databases at a Library or University

One of the easiest ways to find an academic essay is to look in the university's database. Often, the library at a university will store a number of the best academic essays that are written. Since these are in a university database, they will have the exact formatting and citation style that the student needs. Likewise, these essays may contain lists of sources that the student can use for their own essay.

Students should be careful about using an essay from the university. Since the essay is available at the college, it is extremely easy for a teacher to find out if the student is plagiarizing someone else's work. Students must be extremely careful to reword any of the sentences or information that they use from the database.

Ask Older Friends and Siblings

Many students will actually keep copies of their old essays. If someone else took the same class, they most likely had to write a very similar essay. Students can check with their friends or older sibling to see who has written a similar essay before. Although the student may not be able to turn in the same essay, they can use their friend's paper for examples of how to write.

Scour the Internet for Essays

Students can find free and paid databases online that contain essays. The free sites will allow students to view the essay and get ideas on what to write about. Since the service is free, students should be aware that there may be structural or formatting problems with the essay. Free and paid essays both have issues if the student plans on using it for class. If the student was able to find it by searching the web, then a professor could discover the essay as well. To avoid charges of plagiarism, students should avoid copying any of the essay word-for-word.

Using a Writing Service

The best way to get a high-quality essay is to use a writing service. These companies hire professional writers to create each essay. Since the essay is completely original and unpublished, students do not have to worry about charges of plagiarism.