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Social Order

We live in a society that functions on structure, and I use the word function loosely. Every animal in nature is subject to some form of order, either through their position on the food chain or their sexual appeal and humans are no different. Our society is made up of different cultures and in just about every culture that has ever existed, there are ways of dividing the population into different groups arranging them from top to bottom. Some governments even base their entire system on the status of certain people, for example, kingdoms and empires.

Why are there Social Orders?

This is a question that has been posed by many sociologists and there doesn’t seem to be a real explanation yet. I speculate that structure occurs naturally in nature not as a cause, but as the result of the interaction of different systems inevitably coming to a state of equilibrium or progressive entropy. Take a river system for example, water does not flow down a mountain because there was a river there, that system only exists because there was water on a mountain, water which would inevitably flow down due to gravity, forming what we call a river.

Natural reason for human social order

When a person has a goal, they naturally try to accomplish it and that results in many different actions, some of which may involve interaction with others. Depending on this person’s ability to influence, manipulate or dominate others, they may or may not achieve their goals. The goal of each individual also affects the possible outcome of a particular social order. Take for example the individual that wishes to have everything to them self and claim the world as their own. Should they possess the ability to do this, they will then be able to state how the world shall be run and how people must act. This would be a social order that came about as a result of this person’s interaction with the world based on their own personal goals, the people of the world could have stopped them but did not.

It is very difficult to state weather a particular social system is good or bad considering we don’t have a template with which to draw a comparison from except for our own, gruesome history.Social order in society is impossible to avoid, what we can control is how we decide to structure our society and we should do so giving consideration to the needs of all people.