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Wholesome advice on how to write a college essay

It doesn't matter how frustrated you have been when trying to write a college essay, there are steps you can take, practical steps you can take which will seriously improve your chances of writing a good if not a very good college essay. This is indeed wholesome advice. It is not something which has just being dreamt up in the last five minutes. These steps have been recommended for generations and have been proven over and over again. Study these steps. Put these steps into practice and watch as your writing skills improve in line with the marks you get with your college essays.

  • Research the topic and research the research material.
  • Brainstorming is a great way to get your brain fired up.
  • When you get the thesis statement right, your writing life is so much more enjoyable.
  • Without a plan or an outline you are all at sea.
  • A great opening and a great beginning are two vital ingredients.

Choosing a topic too quickly and without proper research is a great recipe to get yourself into trouble. Take your time in the choice of your topic. Ask yourself if this topic is something you would really enjoy writing a college essay about. Google that particular topic and see just how much relevant research material is available. Without a passion for the subject and without a great deal of relevant research material, your job is much more difficult.

Brainstorming is such a simple activity. You list the topic at the top of a piece of paper or a whiteboard and then you write down quickly any word or words you associate with that topic. Brainstorming is something you can do by yourself but it's also something you can do with two or more people. Once you have a collection of ideas, you go through them and select the ones which are relevant for your essay. It's a great way to get hold of information.

The thesis statement determines the success of your essay. Take your time and get it just right. Not too many words but just enough with clarity to the fore.

If you rush the writing of your essay you are inviting trouble. Forget about the writing until you have created a plan. This plan or outline will list all the points both major and minor you intend to make during your essay and the order in which they will appear. Go over and over your plan until it is perfect.

Of course the middle part of your essay needs to be well-written, well researched and well argued. But you can do so much good for yourself by having a cracking introduction and an equally interesting conclusion. Get the beginning and the end of your essay right and you're well on the way.