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Everybody’s Fine

Uncle Satish started his morning routine, intently reading news articles from his favourite daily. Headline 1: Thousands die in a recent earthquake turmoil in Nepal. Headline 2: A senior government administrative officer caught red-handed in a sting operation. Headline 3: Farmers suicide cases yet again on soar.

Grief-stricken and debilitated by the ever so increasing level of corruption and destruction in the country, he starts discussing the inefficient policy system of the country with his wife, how his country cannot come out of the vicious trap of poverty because of the corrupt officials. Uncle Satish is not fine with the way the system functions in his nation. His wife goes back in the kitchen, dejected for not being allowed to follow her dreams of becoming an investment banker as the women in his family are not allowed to work outside the home. As his usual routine, he gets his lunch made by wife and departs off for work. At work, he recapitulated the same discussion he had with his wife earlier that morning. It seemed from the discussion that he is aggrieved by the huge loss of life in one of his neighbouring countries. He is not fine with the fact that thousands are suffering across border.

Anyway, he moves on with his daily assignments. Earlier last week, his passport was denied because of some fallacious identification proof. For his much awaited lavish holiday to a foreign location, he needs to get his passport made as soon as possible. He sends a package of certain amount to the passport officer and phones him to tell him that certain relative of his is a minister in so and so department, warning the officer either to make his passport or land himself in distress. Uncle Satish is absolutely fine with sending some extra money for the pain the officer will take to make his passport which he definitely thinks doesn’t qualify as to be called “bribe”. He returns back home from a long day and the first thing he does is to scold his wife for giving the money to the fund raiser program for the victims and their families of the recent earthquake about which he discussed dolefully in the morning. He is shamefully fine to not contribute anything and still show concern for the fatalities.

No wonder many such Uncle Satish exist in the world who claim to be repulsive to the ongoing affairs but name of the game is that everybody’s fine.