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A Case For The Existence Of Vampires And Other ‘supernatural Creatures’

It is quite common in fiction for fantastical creatures to be written about for our entertainment. They give us a break from the monotony of our real lives and allow us to escape into fascinating fantasies. But that is all they are. Or perhaps they are not? This essay will look at a few reasons that vampires and such other creatures may in fact exist.

There continue to be new discoveries

As many species as we have evidence for as humans, there are still many more we have not yet encountered. Every year there is a new discovery of a creature that had only been rumored to exist by small tribes. There have been archaeological digs that yielded bones of hobbit like humans. Such creatures did not just spring from the imaginations of great writers.

There are myths from all over the world

If there were only isolated descriptions of supernatural creatures it might be simple to brush off as a localized superstition but this is far from true. All over the world there are myths that resembles those of cultures with which there was once little or no contact. Dragon images can be found in the ancient cultures of the far east just as easily as those of South America.

There s scientific evidence that we live in a multiverse

The plane of existence that we occupy is only one of many. If that theory holds true, there are infinite other realities in which anything that we can imagine and a few things we cannot exist. If there is any way to cross from one realm to another, it is quite certain that those entities also have made homes in our world.

Some of them are supposed to be able to alter perception

If a vampire is capable of using compulsion or hypnosis of some sort to blur memories, it makes sense that we have no reliable evidence of them. This trait is a very large part of their mythology. They could simply hide their existence from anyone they deemed important and trust that anyone who is unimportant but has evidence will be laughed at or ignored.

There have been entire books written about the fairy realm, how to communicate with angels and other metaphysical subjects. It is a difficult concept to disprove with finality so the question of whether or not there is truth to it remains.