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Family Violence

Family violence is a willful physical assault, sexual assault, intimidation or any other abusive practices perpetrated by an individual intimate against the partner. Family violence involves sexual violence, emotional abuse, physical violence and psychological violence. The often and severity of family violence can fluctuate intensively; nevertheless, the most common causes of family violence are mistrust and the consistent efforts of the one partner to retain the control and power over the other partner.

Scope of Family Violence

Family violence is an epidemic affecting many peoples in every community, irrespective of their age, sexual orientation, financial status, race, gender, nationality or religion. Family violence frequently involves emotional abusive and controlling practices which depicts only a part of the systematic dominance and power. In most cases, domestic violence results into physical injuries, psychological torture and even death in severe cases. The devastating psychological, physical and emotional consequences of the family violence can be passed from one generation to another.

Everybody can be a victim of family violence. There is NO “distinctive victims” of violence the family. Therefore, family violence comes from diverse walks of life, all backgrounds, all communities, all age groups, all levels of education, all levels of economy, all lifestyles, all religions and all cultures. However, none of these victims invite violence in their life but they just find themselves between a rock and a hard surface. In most family violence, there is usually one party that seeks to dominate the other party and as a result, conflicting forces develop which are the basics of the violence.

Effect of Family Violence

Sexual and physical assaults are the most common forms of family violence which in the most cases brings the family issues to the attention of other people. Nevertheless, frequent use of other forms of abuse such as physical violence reinforces the scope of the abuse. Although incidences of physical assaults are rare, they instill future violent attacks fears in the victim which allows the abuser to have full control of the life of the victim.

Family violence affects all life aspects of the victim. In situations whereby the victims manage to escape safely and choose to stay away from their abuser, they frequently depict long-term and sometimes permanent effects the violence in their physical health and emotions; family, social life and economic well-being.

Family violence victims experience feelings and emotional arrays as a result of the abuse inflicted in them by their abuser. Victims may as well end up into extremes in attempts to cope with the situation.